Hale koʻakoʻa (Coral House)

Kohala Coast

Initially the central move seemed to restore the site to its natural, pre-developed state, essentially recreating a more accurate departure point to introduce a home into the West Hawaiian coastline. This would reinforce the concept that the home belonged there and, in fact, been there for years.
The site is zoned into public, guest, semi-private and private. The overall landscape concept is to re-naturalize the a’a lava to create circulation and privacy by selectively bringing it up against the walls. This allows the home to be nestled into the landscaping anchoring the home to the site, as well as integrating the overall site with the existing lava field. Contrasting white sand is to be brought in to the outdoor areas and in selected pockets of lava and the internal courtyard will be an overlay of paspalum grass for barefoot circulation.

Hale koʻakoʻa (coral house) is conceived as series of individual living areas connected either physically or symbolically as a metaphor of the adjacent living coral reef. Seen as white contrasting objects nestled in the black lava that found their place in years past.

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